"Before I met Robert I had been getting a lot of mixed information about how to incorporate protein supplements into my meal plans and around my workouts. I was exercising at least 5 days a week but was still unhappy with my body fat ratio. Robert was incredibly helpful; he gave me sound advice and put me on track to looking and feeling amazingly well. I love all the Rhino Protein powders but the White Chocolate is my absolute favourite. Thanks so much for all your help Robert."


Inouk Mackay, TV, DVD & Internet Presenter, Victoria.



In the past I had been using bodybuilding and nutritional supplements from the majority of the big name companies out there.


Several years ago, I met up with a guy at the local gym so I decided to try some of his supplements. I saw many of the other members buying from him so I trusted he could help me.

This was the best decision I have made as the Rhino Nutrition offers high quality supplements at an affordable price. I use most of the products and the 94.5 WPI protein tastes great, mixes easily and absorbs quickly into my system.


Since I have been using the WPI protein and the Thermo+ along with a healthy eating plan and training program, I have lost most of my body fat, become leaner and my strength levels have increased dramatically. I also use Xtreme Stak when I need a testosterone and growth hormone boost. It is the most effective test booster I have used as my strength has increased along with more fuller and harder muscles. My training used to be a struggle but now I am now lifting heavier weights more easily. Thank you Rhino Nutrition Supplements for your professional advice.


Sam…Goodlife Gym Waverley Park….. & Truck Driver



Since the introduction of the Rhino Nutrition Supplements in 2006, I have been using the complete range and recommended it to my family and friends. The products are of the highest quality and they really work. I wanted to shed a few kilos so I started using 94.5 WPI, Thermo+ and started eating clean along with 3 cardio and 4 weight training sessions a week. The results were amazing as I lost 17kg of excess body weight and my muscles have toned up.


People tell me I look great as I feel fit and full of energy now. Without Rhino Nutrition, in could not have achieved this on my own. I would like to thank Rob and the team at Rhino Nutrition for all their advice and knowledge to help me achieve my goals.


Tim Balaban, I.T. Specialist & Architect... Doherty’s Gym



I’m a female Group Outdoor Personal Trainer and am very sceptical of a lot of supplements and protein “shakes”. There is a lot of rubbish out there in the market and when looking on the back what these products contain, they have high amounts of sugar and carbohydrate contents and most of them are targeted to women that promise to help them to get slim.


What a farce!!


I use the 94.5 WPI protein shakes after high intensity workouts to help maintain muscle tone and this is for ALL women.


Rhino Nutrition’s products are of a high protein per serve, they taste fantastic and I feel I have more energy throughout the day and are great supplements for on the go people that can’t always prepare a meal while they are on the run. I use the Thermo+ and is also great for those wanting to increase energy and deplete body fat.


Monica Homans…Group Outdoor Personal Trainer


There will never be a day when we won't need dedication, discipline, energy, and the feeling that we can change things for the better.


I've been using Rhino products for 5 years now to supplement my weights training, kickboxing & MMA.


I would highly recommend these products for any athlete or anyone just looking to keep fit or lose weight.


I've been using the WPI protein which contains 37.8 grams of low fat and low carb protein per scoop.


It's helped me put on the size I set out to achieve and it has also helped me maintain shape off season.


It's not loaded with ridiculous amounts of artificial sugars etc so it's far better for you than many other products out there on the market.


In conjunction to that I've also been using the Rhino Tabs which keep the muscles harder and fuller.


They have also significantly increased my strength both in the gym and in the ring. Please take a few moments to check out the range of products that Rhino Nutrition has to offer.

Rhino products are a far better and cheaper alternative to the rubbish that is out on the market at the moment.


Big thanks to Rob from Rhino for all your help and advice!!

Jonathan Michael, Service Manager; Holden, Re-Creation Gym Weight Training, Kickboxing & MMA training.



I first used Rhino Nutrition when I was 19. I’ve tried several different products but I've always come back to Rhino. They are Great Value for money, specific range, great tasting, and stuff that REALLY WORKS! Compared to some of the other stuff on the market. With Rhino Nutrition, I can really see a difference. For years I have recommended Rhino to all my friends/family and I will for years to come.


James Fernando



I have been using Rhino Nutrition products for the last 6 years. I use the 94.5 WPI protein powder twice a day. It has helped me with my busy schedule so I use it as a meal replacement. Together with a balanced diet, I have lost over 20 kilo of excess body weight whilst building lean muscle and gaining strength. I have also been using Rhino’s creatine tabs which have improved my strength gains and hardness. Rhino’s products have given me great benefits for my training and also at a budget price compared to other brands I have tried. I highly recommend these products for muscle growth and fat loss.


Darko Balaban; Business Owner, Weight Training Doherty’s Gym



I have been using a number of the Rhino Nutrition products for the past 3 years including the Vanilla and Chocolate Protein, Thermo Fuel, Creatine and the Recovery formula.

In my late 30's and playing Rugby  I was struggling with enough energy to get through the games and the time it took me to recover after a game, the combination of good advice from Rob and the products he recommended I found myself recovering quicker and also having that extra boost of energy from using the Thermo Fuel to get that little more out of myself on game day. The protein tastes great and is easy to digest not leaving me bloated and gassy like a number of the other products on the market.


Great products keep up the good work.




Matt Stewart



I have been using the Rhino Nutrition WPI Protein since September of 2012 and it has helped me pack on some serious muscle development, along with a balanced nutrition plan and strength training program. I have not achieved these results with the other proteins i have used in the past.


I believe it is due to the high 37.8g serve of pure wpi without the added fillers, in every 40g scoop. The natural flavouring tastes great and is not sweet like the majority of the proteins i have tried.


Thanks Rob for your help and giving me a great protein that works.


I would highly recommend the Rhino WPI protein and products to my family,

friends and to people who ask me for something great.



Waverley Park, Victoria



I have used Rhino Thermo+ on many occasions and have been very impressed with its performance.

I use it 20 minutes before my workout and I find that it gives me a longer lasting workout.

I highly recommend this product compared to the other pre workout fuels and powders that are on the market.

I have also used Rhino Creatine Tabs and WPI Protein shakes for the last 3 years and also highly recommend them.

All up great products that work at a reasonable price.